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Welcome to Marigot, the capital of Saint-Martin! First and foremost, this lively town is a hidden gem of the Caribbean. And it’s well worth discovering. Firstly, with its fascinating history. But also for its colorful entertainment and vibrant culinary scene. In short, Marigot is a must-see destination for all adventure-seeking travelers. So, in this guide, we’ll take you on a tour of this charming French town. So follow us!

History of Marigot

Marigot has a fascinating history. It dates back to the time of the Arawak Indians, the island’s first known inhabitants. Later, in 1648, France and the Netherlands shared Saint-Martin. In fact, they signed what is considered the oldest international treaty still in force today.

And because of its strategic location for transatlantic trade, Marigot was an important port for centuries to come. But the town has also witnessed a number of important historical events. Not least the 1781 naval battle between French and British forces during the American War of Independence.

Secondly, the town itself is a wonderful example of French Creole architecture. For example, with its colorful houses and distinctive red roofs. And the narrow, cobbled streets add to the picturesque charm of the lively historic district.

Even today, Marigot continues to be a cultural hub for the French-Dutch island of Saint-Martin. Marigot also boasts a unique wealth of architecture and delicious cuisine inspired by different local culinary cultures.

Marigot Fort Louis

Visiting Marigot

Indeed, visiting Marigot is an unforgettable experience for tourists. And especially for those seeking to discover the rich culture and history of Saint-Martin. The town offers a variety of attractions. These include museums, local craft stores and restaurants.

And one of the most popular places to visit in Marigot is Fort Louis. Situated on a hill overlooking the town, this historic fort was built in the 18th century by the French to protect the island from enemy attack. Visitors can explore the remains of the fort while enjoying breathtaking sea views.

And for those who prefer to discover a little more about St. Martin’s history in an indoor setting, the Musée de St Martin offers a fascinating collection of interactive exhibits covering all aspects of this island’s unique heritage.

Finally, don’t forget that Marigot is renowned for its lively nightlife. Numerous bars, clubs and restaurants offer menus and entertainment for visitors curious about French and Creole culture and gastronomy.

In short, there’s always something to see or do when you decide to visit Marigot!


Indeed, if you’re looking for exciting and entertaining activities during your visit to Marigot, you won’t be disappointed. The town is packed with fun activities to suit all ages and tastes.

For starters, take a stroll down Marigot’s main street. You’ll be able to admire the town’s colorful and unique architecture while shopping. In fact, you’ll find a variety of stores selling local souvenirs and handicrafts.

And there are plenty of festivals in the old town. For example, some celebrate French culture. Others highlight local traditions. Finally, there are the festivals. And these often include musical performances, lively markets and dazzling fireworks displays.

Finally, if you’re a water sports enthusiast, then Marigot is the ideal place to practice water sports. For example, kayaking or paddle-boarding on its peaceful waters. And if the sea isn’t your cup of tea, why not explore the surrounding forests on a hike?

But don’t miss one of the annual highlights: Carnival! Indeed, it’s a colorful celebration. For example, with extravagant costume parades combined with an electrifying mix of Caribbean music.

As a result, you’ll have a wide range of events organized all year round. So it’s hard, if not impossible, for anyone to get bored during their stay in the beautiful town of Marigot.

Bars and restaurants

Indeed, Creole Rock is a very popular snorkeling site in Saint-Martin. The crystal-clear waters of Grand Case Bay offer ideal conditions for an unforgettable underwater experience.

What’s more, diving in this area allows you to discover a wide variety of tropical fish. These include parrotfish, queen angelfish and barracuda. You may also be lucky enough to spot sea turtles and even manta rays.

Finally, lovers of underwater photography will be delighted. The rock is home to magnificent coral formations that are home to a multitude of colorful animals. Caves and crevasses are also present. And that’s going to make your adventure even more interesting.

And if you’re a beginner diver, don’t worry! You’ll still be able to observe the wonders without difficulty.

So, if you’re looking for a unique experience during your stay in Saint-Martin, don’t hesitate to take a tour with us at Creole Rock ! So you can explore the wonders hidden beneath the crystal surface!

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