Pinel Island

First of all Pinel Island is located near the wonderful island of Saint-Martin. And this place is a small oasis where you can spend an unforgettable day. Indeed, this picturesque island is full of exciting activities. And it also offers the perfect setting to relax on the beach or explore the surrounding seabed. So, in this article, we’ll find out everything you need to know about this heavenly destination. From fascinating historical information to how to get there and make the most of a full day on Pinel Island !

Pinel Island: Geographic Location

Located about 1 km northeast of the island of St. Martin, Pinel Island is a small piece of tropical paradise. And the completely uninhabited islet measures only 3 hectares. Then, it is just in front of the oriental beach. Moreover, it is a popular destination for visitors looking for a quiet day in an idyllic setting.

First of all, Pinel Island is only accessible by boat. Therefore, it avoids the crowds, and offers a more peaceful experience. In addition, Paperboat Charter can offer you an excursion to the island! And this, from the French or Dutch coast with options .

Moreover, the boat ride to this little paradise will also give you a breathtaking view of the crystal clear Caribbean waters and the unspoiled natural beauty of this exclusive area.In fact, it’s definitely worth going early in the morning before the crowds start pouring in. Because it can quickly change the relaxing mood you feel. Are you looking for a picturesque getaway away from the usual tourist hustle and bustle? Then Pinel Island will definitely be your number one choice!

Pinel Island Boat Charter

The history of the place

To begin with, Pinel Island takes its name from a Dutch pirate of the XVIIth century. He washed up on the island and lived there for several years. Later, French settlers used the island as a starting point for hunting wild iguanas.

Then over the years, the island was abandoned. And it remained uninhabited until it was bought in 1950 by a local businessman. Then he built a few beach huts. Over the next few decades, Pinel Island slowly became a popular tourist destination. And this, thanks to its pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. Today, Ilet Pinel attracts thousands of visitors every year. And you’ll enjoy its seaside restaurants serving delicious local dishes. But also its peaceful atmosphere conducive to relaxation. In addition, the fascinating history of this small island adds even more interest to this picturesque place. And it is truly a place to spend an unforgettable day!

Going to the Pinel Island

To spend a dream day in Pinel, you must first get there. Fortunately, access to this small island paradise is rather simple and fast.The most common way to get there is by boat. And our private boat charter offers to take you there! From Saint-Martin, Anguilla or Saint-Barthélemy . For example, from Saint-Martin, the trip takes only a few minutes. And it offers a magnificent panorama of the surrounding turquoise waters.

However, it is also possible to rent a kayak or a paddle to reach the island by your own means. This option can be interesting if you wish to fully enjoy the landscape along the way. Also, the more athletic can also opt for a water ride from the beach of Orient Bay. In addition, this route will allow snorkeling enthusiasts to discover incredible marine life before reaching Pinel Island.

Whatever your preferred way of getting there, don’t hesitate to take the time to admire the surrounding landscapes on the way! Because between the crystal clear sea and the steep coast, every moment will be magical!

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